The Earth-Spirit Expo
                                        The Largest Mind-Body-Spirit show in the Region!

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The Earth-Spirit Expo

Guide to shopping for Hemp, CBD
Learn how medical Qigong will change how we treat people and animals in the future
Creating the peace, joy and love you desire in your life
Auras, Energy & Protection
Crystal Garden Workshop
Mediumship Demonstration
Embracing the Fall of the 3rd Dimension while navigating 5th dimension consciousness
What is a Spiritual Awakening?
What is CBD, and why do I need it?
Sacred Geography of Buffalo-Niagara, The Enchanted Landscape
Gallery Readings
Experience the magic & power of Atlantis
Gut Reaction: How food can help you feel your best
The Art of Transformation
Experience the Sound of Soul
Emotional Empowerment
Learn how to communicate with your loved one in spirit
Understanding why our lives are the way they are- A spiritual perspective
Anxiety & Depression: An Energy Link
Become a FAT burning machine
Make your own Dreamcatcher
Autism release for children
Today is your crossroads
Healing gifts from mother earth
Be a blessing:Bringing out the healer in you